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Corporate Lunches/Dinners

Our specialty is large sandwiches and they're perfect for business lunches. We start with a variety of freshly baked wholesome breads including french, sourdough, crusty buns, flaky buttery croissants. We fill them with our fine quality meats, vegetables and cheeses. Turkey and avocado, roast beef, ham, pastrami, egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, cobb, veggie, turkey and salami. Served with pickles, olives and pepperoncini.
$15.95 each Sandwiches Only (10 person minimum)
Complete your tray with a choice of one salad: 
Caesar salad
Garden salad
Greek salad
Pasta salad
Potato salad
Field green salad
Grilled vegetable salad
Spinach salad
Italian salad
Asian salad
Mexican salad
And a choice of one of the following: 
homemade parmesan kettle chips or assorted cookies or brownies for $17.95 per person (includes Sandwiches, Salad, and Dessert)
Upgrade to fresh fruit bowl for an additional fee.